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There is a lot to consider when choosing a Psychotherapist and committing to the process.  I will strive to be as transparent as possible in answering any questions you may have.

What Does it Cost?

Here are some standard session rates:

  • Standard rate for private clients :  $160.00 per session plus HST
  • Couples and family therapy using Intimacy from the Inside Out: $160.00 per session
  • Single parent or some financial hardship:  $120.00 per session
  • Student, or ODSP $100.00
  • OW or unhoused (TBA)

Weekly sessions gradually moving to longer intervals are the ideal way to work on your recovery for most people.  Sessions can be bi-weekly or monthly but I will ask you to commit to a standing appointment day of the week and time

Video face to face sessions take place using  ZOOM video conferencing software which is free to use and will allow us to work on documents or exercises together, and protect your privacy.

Visits with Registered Psychotherapists are often covered by your health insurance benefits but unfortunately not by OHIP.

Plans and coverage are different from one benefits provider to  another, so please check directly with yours for coverage specific to ‘Registered Psychotherapists’ who are members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  I am regisyered with Sun Life’s Lumino Health Therapist Directory

I will give you a detailed invoice that you can submit for fst reimbursement if you are covered. Please take note of how many sessions with your Psychotherapist will be covered and whether for one hundred percent of the cost or less.

Occasionally a group treatment module will be scheduled by Aspire when enough people are ready at a time.  This will offer a way to get more sessions for less.

If you are on government benefits such as ODSP or OW, or just a very tight budget in general, I can refer you to local services that are provincially funded and therefore free to you. Whether these services will meet your needs depends on your goals. If you aren’t comfortable with that, we can talk about a reduced rate based on your income.

If you are the victim of crime that you’ve reported in Peel Region you may be eligible for a package of sessions theough the Victim Quick Response Program with whom I am a registered service provider.

What if the problem is with someone close to me?

I also support the partners and family members of people who whose challenges are causing pain and conflict.  Couples and family work are also available using the Intimacy from the Inside Out model.  If you are considering a family intervention you can learn more at my second practice site, Circle of Care Recovery.

What if I need detoxification or to go to residential treatment?

If drugs or alcohol are the problem, sometimes it’s too hard or just unsafe to stop suddenly  without first having medically supervised detoxification. I work closely with a specialist in adidiction medicine and through my work in Circle of Care Recovery I can connect you to in-home detox, private or hospital detox, and residential treatment centres. I am certified to provide the provincially standardised assessment you will need in completing admission packages for inpatient treatment.  I am very well networked with residential treatment centres all over North America if you need to get stabilized before you can start therapy in your home community.

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