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I am Deborah (Debbi) Callander, your Psychotherapist, registered with the College of Registered Therapists of Ontario (CRPO). I have a Baccalaureate degree in Psychology from Carleton and York Universities and a great deal of continuing education, but my real training has come from almost thirty years of practice.

Throughout that time my practice has been focussed on trauma (PTSD) and all the corollary problems people face trying to cope, for instance substance and behaviour addictions, intimate partner violence, depression, anxiety, trouble with the justice systems and more. These ways of trying to cope have consequences in terms of losses and pain.

I use many modalities of Psychotherapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Seeking Safety, Internal Family Systems therapy, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Narrative Talk Therapy to name a few.

My work is led by you my client, based on your goals and seeks to enhance your capacity for living your best life.  

I am also trained as an Interventionist. 


I am networked with many of the services and systems you may need in your recovery

  • Addiction Medicine
  • Residential treatment and detox centres
  • Intervention and family therapy resources
  • Support services
  • Most of all, yourself.



Is it confidential?

All our work together is strictly confidential, and we will sign an agreement to that effect before we begin our work together. There are only a few circumstances under which I may be legally required to share information about you.  They are:

Imminent Threat: If you tell me that you have a plan and the means to hurt or kill yourself or someone else, I must report it to 911. It is ok to express suicidal or homicidal thoughts, but if you have a plan I need to report it so that we can get you help before you apply a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If you come to a meeting and you are clearly impaired and intend to drive.

If you tell me about a child who is being abused I must report this to Child Protective Services.

It is sometimes possible for a Psychotherapist to receive a subpoena or summons from the court.  This is a complex area unique to each case.

In a medical emergency.

I respect your privacy and will not send mail, or email, or leave messages on anything other than a private mailbox without your expressed written permission.   I will require that you identify one safe emergency contact.

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