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Aspire Therapy

A Supportive Partner in Recovery

Please note during our time of social distancing I will only be offering virtual appointments.

Hope to see you in person in the near future!

Welcome to Aspire Therapy, the private practice of

Registered Psychotherapist Deborah Callander in Mississauga.

ASPIRE is an acronym for A Supportive Partner in Recovery, which I believe describes my approach well.

I specialize in supporting people using substances or behaviours in addictive ways that are damaging the quality of life.

People who want help in finding a way to freedom, peace and health.

Is ASPIRE for me?
• If you’ve been coping with any kind of pain by self medicating with alcohol, drugs or behaviours
• If those ways of coping have done more harm than good
• If you have not been able to make the changes you want on your own
• If you want a fuller understanding of the options available to you for recovery
• If the ways you’ve been trying to deal with a painful history of loss or trauma have become unsustainable in your life.
• If you need help keeping yourself safe while you figure it out.

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