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Aspire Therapy

A Supportive Partner In REcovery

Welcome to Aspire Therapy, the private practice of

Registered Psychotherapist Deborah Callander in Mississauga.

ASPIRE is an acronym for A Supportive Partner in Recovery, which I believe describes my approach well.

I specialize in supporting people to  learn to learn to heal themselves.  I am an Integrated Therapist which means I draw on various modalities of working, but my passion is for Internal Family Systems Therapy or IFS.  I hold a Level 1 in specialized Internal Family Systems training from the IFS Institute.

Is ASPIRE for me?  Yes if….

You are ready to do a deep dive into self awareness to free yourself from anxiety, depression, constant conflict, flat lining or other experiences that are making it hard for you to live in your own skin.

If the ways you’ve been trying to cope have become unsustainable in your life.

If you have the courage and curiosity for this work and just need a trusted guide. 

I work most with CPTSD, histories of adverse experiences, intimate partner violence, behaviours of addiction, and systems trauma. 

I offer a free short phone consultation by appointment to see if Aspire is a fit for you. For more information or call 647.239.7337 or email debbi@aspiretherapy.ca